Friday, May 28, 2010

numba 2.

sha lalalalala. just some interesting pictures. my best friend just left me to go back to school. we went to another concert (Train (surprisingly very very good), we the kings, & the white tie affair). i just found out that i'm going to be the assistant teacher in the pre-k room at work for the summer! i finally named my car. world: meet Tyra Joniqua. i finished cutting all of the squares for my quilt and started sewing the pieces together! it's so cute and i can't wait to finish it.

lead singer of we the kings. i think he looks like shawn white.

rachel and me :)

bahaha. we're so cool.

best picture of the night! lead singer of the white tie affair.

one night greg texted me and told me to come to my room and that he had something to show me. i walked in to find this. apparently, fabio enjoys sitting like this now.

oh and PS. jesseca, you're losing this blogging war i just started with you :)

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Amber said...

Why haven't you waged a blogging war with me?