Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top Reasons Why Katie and I Totally Rock The Hizzle.

1) katie's canadian. which makes me cool by association, eh?

2) REAL glasses. nuff said. (they actually exist, have lenses, and sit perfectly on our faces, therefore they are not "fake")

3) the christmas lights hung up in our room sparkle the christmas feeling throughout our entire apartment. and our hearts.

4) we love kyle! he's from tennessee.

5) chuck norris protects us while we sleep.

6) we can "both" speak french

7) we sound just like aretha franklin! just ask our neighbors....3 apartments down...

8) most girls here wake up with at least an hour for grooming and higene purposes. however, we don't flow that way. we're both really good at waking up 5 minutes before class starts and getting ready WITH a solid 10 seconds before class actually begins. showers are overrated.

9) people-watching is our best talent. which we exercise frequently.

10) we're indian and white at the same time.

11) we both have the ability to look like shirley temple. this is true.

12) patience is a virtue. which we have learned this semester. (people not buying toilet paper, stealing my books, borrowing everything we own, corrupting our leggings, honking their nose constantly, using our trash cans, not cleaning...the list could go on...)

13) we're the best birthday rememberers ever!

14) we're really good at being creeps.

15) we make really really good signs. bwahaha.

16) we're really good at procrastnation

17) our high heels are the color of the rainbow

18) we hate bad teenage mustaches. ew.

19) we live by the best big black girl ever! and visit her door in the wee hours in the morning.

20) we run through sprinklers. in the winter. at midnight.

21) "mmmmm! look at the baby!"

22) we have britney spears on our door. she is so FIERCE!