Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the love of my life: fabio

don't get me wrong, i love college and being with people that are all my age and all that fun stuff, but i miss home. and my family. and my precious, amazing, adorable, PERFECT kitty, Fabio. He is my favorite animal in the entire world. look at how cute he is...

the best part is that he feels the exact same way about me! i'm his favorite, i've asked him. he is so fuzzy and amazing and i can't wait to go home to see him. he's pretty much a magical cat and can do amazing tricks. one thing he's especially good at is eating jesseca's pets. like hansel. it's a rather funny story... so during the summer jesseca bought a pet fish and named him hansel after the crazy cool guy from zoolander. he lived a short, yet happy life in a beautiful vase with marbles. one day while were gone, i guess fabi got hungry...dun dun dun...when we got home, the vase was knocked on the floor and there was no more fishy. pobre jesseca. pobre hansel. here is a picture i drew depicting the tragic event...
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahaha. bwahaha.
actually, maybe fabio didn't really eat hansel. word on the street is that jesseca had problems keeping her fish alive. i bet he peacefully died in his sleep and she framed fabio because she thinks he is evil. how could such a perfect kitty do such a terrible thing? that's right, he can't. angels don't kill fish....bwahaha.

RIP hansel.
& hansel 2, and hansel 3, and hansel 4, and hansel 5...


so...i'm really bored right now, which is why i decided to do this. mainly because jess and amber have them, and i find them really amusing to read. so perhaps someone out there will enjoy reading this. and you can creep on my life and my thoughts more in depth than you can with facebook. anywho, i'll be adding posts so this isn't boring later on. peace sucka.