Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harry Potter? Why not.

hooray! i'm actually updating my blog for once! it's snowing right now and overall it's been a lovely day. i finished my religion and my english class. i never have to take another english class again. and the best part is that over the course of the class we were supposed to have read over 20 essays. i'm not sure, but i think that i only ever read about 7. the last words of my teacher were "I hope all of you who didn't do the readings completely bomb the final. have a nice break!" (he's a lovely man) ummm....93% please and thank you :) highlight of my day. i have only two more finals to go, stats and chemistry, aka my final of death. it's thursday at 7:45 AM. so that should be interesting. i get to go home for christmas break in 3 days! i'm so excited to get alejandro (my guitar that i'm not supposed to know about) so that i can serenade myself to john mayer music everynight. i'm going to be gone about 2 1/2 weeks so i hope my turtles don't die. i bought them a nice gelatin fish feeder that is supposed to last 14 days, but my turtles are fattys and i'm not even sure if they will eat it (although, they do eat rocks, so they should). my goals for over break are: get a scarf, get hot boots, get a new toque (hat for all you americans out there). i had fun grading my peers' 10 page papers today. not. my group decided that we were all angry at them for sucking so bad that we would give them awful grades. how fun that was :) anyways, you all better be happy that i updated this. i shall make it a point to do it more often. toodles.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

memorial day & funny videos.

memorial day was a lot of fun. no work, greg washed my car, water balloon fights, capture the water balloon (greg and i killed), babysitting, and bbq. yummmmy yum yum. here are some pictures... :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

numba 2.

sha lalalalala. just some interesting pictures. my best friend just left me to go back to school. we went to another concert (Train (surprisingly very very good), we the kings, & the white tie affair). i just found out that i'm going to be the assistant teacher in the pre-k room at work for the summer! i finally named my car. world: meet Tyra Joniqua. i finished cutting all of the squares for my quilt and started sewing the pieces together! it's so cute and i can't wait to finish it.

lead singer of we the kings. i think he looks like shawn white.

rachel and me :)

bahaha. we're so cool.

best picture of the night! lead singer of the white tie affair.

one night greg texted me and told me to come to my room and that he had something to show me. i walked in to find this. apparently, fabio enjoys sitting like this now.

oh and PS. jesseca, you're losing this blogging war i just started with you :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

pour ma soeur.

here's to you, jesseca. this is how exciting my life is.

the other night i went to another cobra starship concert! best thing of my life. we were super close to gabe and i even got a hilarious shirt that he signed (of course.)

and here is my new turtle tank. they love it so much. it was kind of expensive, but they love the heat from the lights and love having a bigger place to swim around.

and... i decided that my summer project is going to be making a quilt. which could be quite an adventure. i'm almost done cutting out all the squares and it's already taken hours. we're going to look for some green to put in place of the plain white because i want it brighter. :) twill be an adventure!