Sunday, October 25, 2009

so pretty much i get yelled at a lot for never writing on here...but i don't really ever have anything to talk about. but i will try and find something to write about for now.

i'm playing soccer up here at school and it's the most fun thing ever. this weekend we had a game friday night and saturday...let me tell you...that was an adventure. this is what the weather looked like friday night.

no joke. let me just say i have never been so cold and miserable in my entire life. we were all shivering while playing.

i took a french test this week. 88%! yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! i was so happy. j'aime le francais.

so most of you know i currently reside in idaho. it's the end of october. what has the weather been like for the past month? bright, sunny, and warm. i'm not complaining, it's just so weird.

halloween is coming up and jake and katie are supposed to be visiting Erin and me. i am so excited for this, so they better actually come.

and now for some pictures.

awesome witch decoration.

the number of pairs of pants my roommate has...

and finally, lars. he's doin' great :)