Friday, May 1, 2009

HMO, fish tanks, and afros.

so i decided it was time to update my blog when the first thing my little cousin christian says when he seems me is "you really need to update your blog. we check it." haha. so here i am...trying to think of something to write. let's start off with a lovely, very manly picture of my cousin jake that i took at his wedding reception this past weekend. it's great.

beautiful, isn't it. my mom and i went out to utah last tuesday for my sister jesseca's college graduation. we stayed a night with her and her hubby and then proceeded to go to amber's house and spend a few nights with chaddles and the little baby inside her stomach. it was a lovely graduation...wonderful speakers, loud cheering, etc. and to top it off, a very angry man yelling "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" to some guy during graduation. haha. wow. anywho, once my whole family had gotten there we decided to play apples to apples, which explains the first subject in my title for this post. HMO. possibly the lamest word one can get while playing apples to apples. everyone who has ever played this game with me knows that i like getting the random funny words that work for any green card played. i was overjoyed when i picked up a card and read homo! i was SO EXCITED! (no, really, i was) that is until i gave it a second glance and discovered it really read HMO. which is much less exciting and a great disappointment.

i moved my pet turtle (lars) to a fish tank the other day. he is loving the new rocks and fake vegetation that he now has and loves swimming around. im going to buy guppies for him to eat sometime...

alas, one last note of business. i got a job!!! YAY! at a place called the goddard school. it's like a daycare place. and the kids are so precious. my favorite that i've seen yet looks like this, only in boy form:

so precious.
woot. im done. i'll try to find something to write about later. toodles.