Sunday, June 14, 2009

sister sister!!!

so the other day i was talking to my dear sister amber on the phone. when asked why i never update this thing, i said that i dont have anything to write about. so she told me i could write about how awesome she was. although i'm pretty sure she was joking, im going to take her advice and allow the whole world to read about just how awesome she really is. (great pictures will accompany this blog...) not all of you will understand all of them, just fyi.

reason #1: she's a ginger. need i say more?
reason #2: she's a hot ginger...which takes talent.
reason #3: she's shorter than me.
reason #4: she has precious freckles.
reason #5: she's the hottest prego lady ever!!!
reason #6: "do you know what i mean?"
reason #7: we make an awesome landscaping team.
reason #8: she loves psychology.
reason #9: she can have ginger babies. (jealous!)
reason #10: we have the same computer.
reason #11: she smells ridiculously good.
reason #12: she has a really comfy couch.
reason #13: her name is also a color.
reason #14: she gives really good fashion advice.
reason #15: she has the prettiest teeth ever.

while i'm at it, let's talk about why i love jesseca too.

reason #1: hk. nuff said.
reason #2: she appreciates my jokes.
reason #3: she is super good at taking care of pet fish.
reason #4: hansel, so hot right now.
reason #5: why dont you check YOUR donkey door?!
reason #6: here's a llama, there's a llama and another pretty llama...
reason #7: can you sudoku?
reason #8: she's asian.
reason #9: we both have totally legit glasses.
reason #10: she feeds my kitty gourmet dinners...aka real fish.
reason #11: she is the prettiest person i have ever seen without make up.
reason #12: pale is the new tan.
reason #13: SSGS! super secret government sniffer.
reason #14: she has the coolest friends named robert.
reason #15: the friday song!!!!!!
reason #16: she's also canadian.
reason #17: mot.
reason #18: she finds the funniest commercials/videos ever. SMOKERMAN!

as silly as this is, i really do love them a lot. and miss them. move home please.


Chad & Amber said...

I demand that you remove that picture of me at once! (Don't you think you could have put a more flattering picture on?)

But thanks for the praise. :) And yes, I was joking about writing about how awesome I am. Lol. Love you!

Jesseca said...

HA HA HA HA HA!! i love it!!! except the part about feeding your kitty gourmet dinners... what the french toast!? i did nothing of the sort. i have not heard the friday song in forever! what made you think of that? im going to see if i can find it right now...